Social Media In today's fast paced commercial arena is a two way street:
An essential component as the voice of your business,
A commitment that demands both innovation and time.
Alchemedia understand this problem and will get the message out there for you.
We understand the importance of posting valuable information with Metatags and Keywords.
We can provide relevant content and innovative posts that will keep existing Clients on side and get new Clients on the hook.
All of our packages are flexible and can be tailored to your requirements; with bolt on services our pricing is both fair and affordable

About us

Handled in the right way, Social Media will get your name out there, in front of the people you need.
An SER driven campaign will enable your customers to find you ahead of your competitors.
In addition to posting on all relevant Social Media platforms, Alchemedia offer their clients so much more.
Professional Copywriting services - Marketing - Monthly Newsletter Campaigns and Promotional Videos.
All services can be tailored to suit your requirements.

Our Services


Social Media will get your message out there using the different platforms.

Share the success of your last directive with your Clients, let them know you are offering a big discount on this year's (soon to be usurped) model, or just let them know how delighted your team are to be preparing their order for sale

Keep your clients happy! Get them involved and keep them in the loop.


Blogging for business is a top way to get your Company recognized and given a high Google ranking. Blogging is the voice you give your business and used correctly is informative, fun and a newsworthy way of getting your message across.

Don't keep it to yourself... Let's get it out there with a Blog


Press Releases, Advertorials and Informative articles. Tell us what you want to say and we will give it some P'zazz and turn it into something that is punchy, interesting and informative to the reader. A well written advertorial will get the message over and will also be picked up by those rascals who assess these things!


Visuals are King when it comes to getting your message out there. A short well-constructed film will speak volumes about who you are. Our team of professionals are experienced and ready to go when you are.


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